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The 2G rule currently applies to the Racing Hall and the Bistro Paddock.
This means that access is only possible for people who are fully vaccinated or recovered and can also show a valid rapid antigen test or PCR test. Alternatively, a self-test can be performed on site under supervision. For 5,- € we can also provide you with tests.
For students, the student ID card is valid as proof of testing.

The proofs and tests will be checked on site by our staff and the identity will be verified by presenting an identity card.

FFP2 masks are mandatory throughout the building and in our parking lot.


Covid 19


“ZEEEM” [ˈziˈm] (pronounced SIEHM) is reminiscent of the sound you perceive as a spectator at the side of the track when a race car whizzes by at high speed.

“ZEEEM” gives rise to puns for our company, such as:

ZEEEM-Racing instead of SimRacing.
ZEEEMlich cool, instead of pretty cool.

After you have booked an experience online via our homepage – to avoid waiting times – come and visit us at Magnolienweg 7 in Aschaffenburg/Nilkheim.
An employee of our ZEEEM Racing Hall will welcome you and give you a detailed briefing on the simulator.

Equipped with gloves and disinfected headphones you can “experience” your driving experience in one of our simulators after the briefing.
Driving is simulated. Steering forces are generated just like in a real race car.
The moving seat simulates the movements of a real vehicle.

The gas pedal and brakes are arranged exactly as in a normal sports car.

Arrive – familiarize – get in – drive off …

Minimum age

The use of the ZEEEM Racing Hall in public operation is allowed from 14 years. For closed events (events / birthday parties or similar) other arrangements are feasible.

Physical conditions

The minimum height is 1.50 meters.
The minimum weight about 50 kilograms.

The maximum height is about 2.00 meters.
The maximum weight is 110 kilograms.

ZEEEM RACR - Our simulator

Yes, the ZEEEM RACR can be purchased or rented.

Information about buying can be found here.
Info about renting one or more simulators can be found here.

Driving experiences at ZEEEM

It is likely that if you visit spontaneously, you can expect waiting times.

It is better to book a driving experience on our website before the visit.

Once you arrive at our facility, check-in takes place at the ticket office.

For newcomers, there is a detailed briefing on a demo simulator.

For those with ZEEEM experience, it’s straight down to business.

Currently, there are two driving experiences:

ZEEEM – Fun Drive or ZEEEM Battle.

In Fun Drive mode, you book time on a simulator (20, 40 or 60 minutes), where you can choose your own tracks and vehicles, and then do some fast laps.

In Battle mode, you take part directly in a race that takes place in our Racing Hall. Everybody against everybody.

We announce in advance on which tracks and with which vehicle class will be raced in Battle mode. This changes every 1 to 2 days.

Have fun!

Air conditioning

Yes, the complete hall and our bistro “PADDOCK” is equipped with the latest air conditioning technology.