24. January 2021

4 vehicles – 4 tracks incl. Nordschleife

ZEEEM Simulator Test Drive

We tested four cars and four tracks on the ZEEEM RACR, including the Nordschleife.

Let’s get straight to the point! The simulator definitely convinced us.

The design is unique, the workmanship top!
Only high-end components are used – just as it has to be in motorsports.

The driving behavior was ingenious and very sporty. 1 hour of driving = 1 day of sore muscles!

The motion platform transmits all the necessary information to understand the vehicle and track well.

The G-forces were very pronounced when changing direction in a curve, when braking, shifting gears or accelerating.
You can feel how the vehicle, the tires and the chassis work, the border area becomes a (danger-free) adventure.

The chassis camber and the grip build-up are displayed extremely well, you feel every bump, you know exactly what’s going on – that’s how clearly information is conveyed.

The steering module is sportily tuned, the pedals beg for a strong kick, which makes the ZEEEM Simulator the ultimate sports device.

We as an active team in eSports (#Macs_racing_esports) recommend this simulator and will certainly be in the ZEEEM Racing Hall more often in the future to battle.

– Christian Frank –

ZEEEM Racecar Rendering