11. December 2020

Feedback from a test drive

The first customer meetings are underway. Yesterday, Volker Braun was with us.
His feedback:

” THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! In advance. I am totally thrilled. Your simulator feels so real and genuine. As soon as you take a seat you feel like you are in a real vehicle. Nothing rattles. Everything is in its place. The dimensions fit. The distances fit. And at the latest, when you put your hands on the steering wheel, your pulse goes up.

The implementation of the movements is great. The feeling you get in your fingers as soon as the vehicle moves through the curves. Very cool. Very real. In a few minutes you’re in it and only concentrate on the next curve.

And not only is the simulation totally real, but the rig, or rather the entire simulator, is a single work of design art. Hammer. The integration of the computer into the rig. The “steering column.” Everything from one cast. Congratulations on this great product!!!”

Quote from Volker Braun, Managing Director at Blue Tomate Technologies GmbH.