15. October 2020

History – How it all began and got better and better

In search of an exciting project for the trainees of COMPUTERS & LESSONS GmbH, Stefan Körbel (Managing Director) already had the idea to construct a driving simulator in 2018.

Ramon Tessari and Felix Hartl – both prospective IT specialists/system integration at the time – were to deal with the complete process of a product development.
The “SimRacer” project began with the selection of possible components and the brainstorming of how such a product could be placed on the market.

The first components were quickly ordered and installed.
However, the first virtual laps on the Nordschleife did not match the expected results.
The pedals were numb, the monitors wobbled on their mounts, and the steering wheel was too spongy.
A decision was quickly made: further development and perfection of the first test was necessary.

Better components were ordered – a Direct Drive steering module, Heusinkveld pedals and a moving seat platform.

It feels completely different now!

The first drops of sweat beaded from the forehead, the arms ached after 30 minutes, the curves were felt all over the body, one best time chased the other.
Yes! We came very close to the real driving experience.

The next step was the trade fair appearance at the Retro-Classics in Stuttgart at the beginning of 2020. The first chance to present our “SimRacer” to the public and at the same time the first test for the whole construct.

Bernd Hock and his team from ML-Design took care of the logistics, somehow our SimRacer had to get to Stuttgart.
Ramon Tessari developed a web frontend for a time tableau especially for the fair.

On each day of the fair, we conducted a race with the fair visitors on a race track and changed the virtual cars and tracks on a daily basis.

The fair was a great success:
150 drivers in three days, exciting qualification rounds, constructive feedback, great enthusiasm and a smoothly running SimRacer made one thing clear to us:

We continue to develop to absolute perfection: TRY PERFECTION!