1. November 2020

Prototyping – working for the best possible SimRacing experience.

The actual ZEEEM project – the name was not yet born at that time – started in April 2020.

In addition to

Bernd Hock – Managing Director of ML-Design

Stefan Körbel – Managing Director of COMPUTERS & LESSONS GmbH

and Ramon Tessari – project manager in the matter of ZEEEM IT


Steffen Imhof – automotive artist and studied industrial designer

Felix Berberich – design office Being Fast!

and Sigi Schlee – communication agency SchleeGleixner

were also part of the team and formed a very competent team.


Steffen Imhof was a great help to give our ideas a first face: he drew sketches and worked out a lot of suggestions.

Felix Berberich’s task was perhaps the most difficult – he had to translate the technical requirements and creative ideas into a design that could later be implemented in reality. Many hundreds of hours were invested in the construction.

Several thousand hours were spent in the environment of the overall project.

We wanted to eradicate the identified problems of all previous SimRacing rigs on the market.

Our goal: the new professionalism in SimRacing.


In summer, the time had finally come: the first prototype was in front of us.

To see how our thoughts suddenly turned into reality was a crazy feeling!


It quickly became clear: There were many ideas and improvements that still had to be implemented!

The seat height was not optimal, the rear was too wide, the PC housing was too high, the monitors were hardly adjustable, cable feed-throughs were not available.


We de facto redesigned and our model ZEEEM RACR S1 was created, which is available now!